Clearwater Paper Credit Agreement

Clearwater Paper Corporation, a leading producer of quality paper products, has recently announced a new credit agreement with a syndicate of banks. The agreement is for a five-year term, and provides for a revolving credit facility of up to $300 million.

According to Linda Massman, CEO of Clearwater Paper, the new credit agreement will provide the company with “financial flexibility to pursue our strategic priorities and weather economic cycles.” This is an important milestone for Clearwater Paper, which has been working to strengthen its financial position over the past several years.

With the new credit agreement in place, Clearwater Paper will be able to continue investing in its business and pursuing growth opportunities. The company has recently completed several strategic initiatives, including the sale of its specialty products division and the acquisition of a tissue facility in Shelby, North Carolina.

Clearwater Paper is committed to sustainable practices, and has set ambitious goals for reducing its environmental impact. The company has made significant progress in recent years, including reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 11% since 2015.

In addition to its commitment to sustainability, Clearwater Paper is also dedicated to providing quality products to its customers. The company produces a wide range of paper products, including tissue, bleached paperboard, and pulp.

Overall, the new credit agreement is a positive development for Clearwater Paper and its stakeholders. With the financial flexibility provided by the agreement, the company will be able to continue pursuing its strategic priorities and contributing to the sustainability of the paper industry.



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